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About Treadmills

Featured as a major component in most gyms, treadmills are one of the most popular and highly rated pieces of fitness equipment.  Whether you plan to lose weight, improve your general fitness, work on rehabilitation, improve endurance or train for an event, a treadmill in your home would make an excellent choice.  Budget Fitness stock a wide range of treadmills for you to choose from.  Selecting the correct machine for your needs may seem a difficult decision.  We have a handy guide below that will assist you in finding your perfect match.  We offer treadmills to suit all needs and budgets so we are confident that we can find the right treadmill to meet your specific requirements.

If space is at a premium, Budget Fitness offers a selection of folding treadmills.  If you have a larger workout area available, a wide range of non-folding treadmills are available.  Commercial treadmills are also available, built to withstand heavy usage, for use in health clubs or gyms.  Our lower priced treadmills are ideal for walking or light jogging; however, if you plan to use the treadmill for long-distance or endurance training a mid-range or commercial treadmill might be a better match.


  • Exercise in any weather:  Whatever the weather outside, be it too cold, too wet, or even too hot, using a treadmill allows you to exercise indoors in comfort.

  • Easy on the Joints:  Running does involve some impact and stress on the joints.  A treadmill is usually softer and has a more cushioning effect that running outdoors on concrete or other hard surfaces.  This will then reduce the impact and stress on your knees and lower back.  

  • Improves General Fitness:  Running is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise leading to healthier heart and lungs.  The impact stress of running also leads to increased density in weight-bearing bones. 

  • Weight Loss:  Running is great at burning extra calories and when combined with a healthy diet can go a good long way towards losing those excess pounds. 



Measure your workout area:  You need to be sure that the treadmill you buy will fit into your available space.  You should measure the length, width and height of the area and have this information handy whilst browsing treadmills. Along with the area used by the treadmill be sure to allow extra space for mounting and dismounting.  A 2ft clearance on each side is recommended, 130mm at the front and at least 3ft at the rear. Also, remember that your treadmill will need to be positioned within reach of a wall power outlet.


Running area: For runners, a belt width of 51cm/20" and a length of 140cm/55" is recommended.  For walking a smaller 127cm/50" belt length will be sufficient.  The larger the belt surface area, the more space you have for wider strides, natural running fluctuations and improved overall comfort.  

Motor size: The motor in your treadmill should have at least 1.5 continuous horsepower (CHP).  It is recommended if you will be running or jogging regularly on the treadmill you should opt for a 2.5 CHP+.  If you plan any high-intensity training you will definitely want to opt for a higher motor size (3.0 CHP or above).  A quieter motor generally indicates a more powerful machine. 

Speed and incline:  A maximum speed of at least 16km/h (10mph) is recommended for runners.  A great feature on treadmills is the incline (gradient) function.  Increasing the incline will reduce stress and impact on your joint, exercise different muscle groups and is a simple way to increase resistance.  Most treadmills offer a decent incline range.  The higher incline will offer a more intense workout.

Cushioning and stability: The track on the treadmill is cushioned to help reduce stress on your joints from impact.  A cushioned treadmill reduces the impact by up to 40% when compared to running out on the road, helping to reduce the risk of injury.  The sign of good cushioning is when a treadmill doesn’t shake, wobble or vibrate when in use.  There are now some advanced treadmills which feature variable cushioning.  They are able to offer cushioning for landing but deliver firm support on push-off. 


Programmes: Workout programmes are built into most treadmills to allow you to mix up your training and achieve different workout goals. Examples would be interval training, hill climbing or even the ability to create your own custom workout programs.

Weight Capacity:  It is recommended to look for a treadmill that can handle 20kg more than your own body weight.  This is to prevent an overload of the motor.

Storage and portability: If you do not have much free space available, then a folding treadmill would be a great option.  The folding mechanism is usually straightforward to operate for one person.  The mechanism will always adhere to safety specifications.  It will have features like assisted automated lifting and lowering systems or a security lock. Foldable treadmills are also usually easier to clean around and under.  They also feature transport wheels for easy transportation.  These transportation wheels are also a feature on many non-foldable treadmills.  Be sure to check for these if you are likely to need to move the machine from place to place.  It is also worth noting that non-folding machines are usually stronger and more stable than the folding variants. This does, however, make them more expensive.  They also have stronger motors and an overall more durable build, for which makes them a good choice for heavier users, but you should always check the treadmill's weight capacity before purchasing.




  • Floor Mats:  A mat placed under your treadmill will help protect your floors from wear and perspiration and will also give your treadmill increased stability. 

  • Heart rate monitors and belts:  Many treadmills offer wireless monitoring of the user's heart rate.  Some utilise belts for even more accurate readings.

  • Advanced Programming:  Select brands and models offer the purchase of modules for additional workout programmes. 

Should you require any further information about treadmills or any other product offered by Budget Fitness or if you feel we could help you in any way, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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